University Arts Centre is responsible for the operation and management of art venues on campus, including exhibition halls, performing venues and the upcoming conference centre. UAC aims to provide a place for faculties and students to visit, communicate, appreciate and practice art, experience face-to-face learning opportunities with artists, and to let participants fully feel the charm of art. University Arts Centre is committed to bringing students closer to culture and art, continuously enhancing the humanistic quality of faculties and students on campus, organically combining pioneer art with traditions, and creating a comfortable, free and open educational environment, allowing students to get academic inspirations through the experience of natural beauty.

Artistic Collaboration

On-Campus Collaboration

Collaborative projects with colleges and administrative departments

Off-Campus Collaboration

Collaborative projects with government agencies and off-campus institutions

Collaborative Artists

Dancer Huang Doudou | Peking Opera Actor Wang Peiyu | Lyricist YaoQian | Pipa Performer Wu Man | Philosophical Writer Zhou Guoping | "Hengshan · Collection" Founder Ling hu Lei | Independent Director of Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Musical Producer Wang Xiangqian | Dancer Wang Yuanyuan | Drama Director and Screenwriter, Edward Lam | Fashion Art Photographer Lakita | Product Designers Zeng Weilun | Choreographer and Opera Director Cai Minyi | Hong Kong Architect Ricci Wong | Visual Artist, Film and Stage Art Director, Costume Designer Tim Yip | Science Fiction Writer Han Song | Pianist Yang Yike | The Father of Chinese Modern Glass Wang Xiajun | Jewellery Designer Ejing Zhang | Hong Kong Professional Photographer Alain Yip......

Collaborative Partners

Max Production | MINDPARK | RAAW | UABB | New Who Art Village | Beijing Dance Theater | Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center | Chengdu Eight Light Minutes Culture Communication Co., Ltd. | Danzo Studio | Futian Library | Olive Classical Music | Block Sixteen | National Centre for the Performing Arts | Sea World Culture & Arts Center | OCT Art & Design Gallery | CR Land Arts Space | StreetVoice | Crystal News | Mahua FunAge | The Thousand Green......

Venues Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday 10:00-20:00
Time Space Capsule Black Box Theatre
Monday – Sunday 09:00 -22:00
(The above is the acceptable booking time, and the specific opening time is subject to the event time)
Run Run Shaw International Conference Centre
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