[Artist-in-Residence] Yang Mushi: Recreating

In the activities of the 14th Artist-in-Residence programme, Yang Mushi shared his thoughts and the ideas on the exhibition “Broken Torso” which drew much thinking of the students.


[Artist-in-Residence] Yang Mushi: Recreating


From the very beginning of the programme, the 14th Artist-in-Residence Yang Mushi has kept his appearance mysterious. Imaginations expand as the visitors are fully immersed in the minimal color of black and white used in the activity posters and exhibited artworks. How's exactly that feeling? We randomly interviewed several participants and here is what they say ↓


Q: Is he handsome?

A: No doubt! I found a perfect angle to take enviable photos for him. 


By a students as photographer in the activities of Yang Mushi. It's likely that his answer could attract a crowd of paparazzi.


Q: What's your impression of Yang Mushi?

A: He's a really frank person. Instead of looking for the meanings or reasons for a design in advance, he usually starts working without much thinking. It is similar to my writing habit that I'm not quite used to intentionally choosing a theme to write beforehand. What I prefer is to construct the whole story and develop the plots as the story goes. That's real for creating.


From a student who participated in the Artist Talk. Hey, are you also frank to let your Chinese teacher know about that?





In the activities of the 14th Artist-in-Residence programme, Yang Mushi shared his thoughts and the ideas on the exhibition “Broken Torso” which drew much thinking of the students.


Q: What do you think of the exhibition “Broken Torso”?

A: “Black and white”and “geometry”are the two keywords I would like to give to code my impression of the exhibits. If you look carefully, you will find the irregular details inside the regular structures of the artworks. You will notice the broken corners, the patterns of the carpets, and the rough surface of “Eroding” which looks like volcano rocks. Titled “Broken Torso”, I suppose, the exhibition hopes to convey the paradox of the irregular of the regular and the incomplete of the complete to the true and special us.


--Kong Yichen, SME Year 2 student


Q: What's your comment on the programme?

A: You won't see many macro social pictures in the artistic expression of Yang Mushi. He mentioned that he spent lots of time on works which do not require much logical and critical creation, such as making tools and burning the plastics. These are the works which return back to the normal life-the nature of life. He also said that the logic of expression can go beyond narratives and the traditional storytelling. It doesn't matter whether the initiatives of the exhibition can be received by the visitors. A work that can stimulate any feeling is a good work.


--Wen Weiqi, SSE Year 3 student


Wonderful Moments

[Artist-in-Residence] Yang Mushi: Recreating

2018/9/25 19:00-20:30

For the Artist in Conversation of this time, Yang named the activity “Do It Again”. Here is the gathering photo taken after the Q&A interaction with the audience.

[Artist-in-Residence] Yang Mushi: Recreating

2018/9/28 15:00-16:30

Before the Opening of the exhibition, Yang gave us a speech on "Collecting Materials" in the Artist Talk.

[Artist-in-Residence] Yang Mushi: Recreating


[Artist-in-Residence] Yang Mushi: Recreating

Exhibition: Broken Torso

2018/9/28 -2018/10/28

TC101 Exhibition Hall


Yang guided the crowd and exchanged ideas with the students after the Artist Talk.



[Artist-in-Residence Programme]

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