2016 Concert of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

This year The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (“University”) held its third concert on the evening of November 19 2016 in Shenzhen Concert Hall. Friends from all walks of life who have consistently supported the development of the University, principals from key middle schools all over China, teachers and alumni from home and abroad, students and their parents gathered to enjoy the charm of music.

President Xu presented his handwritten calligraphy to Dr. Poon Kiu Tung

The concert was a huge success. The Shenzhen Senior High School Symphony Orchestra, famous conductor Mr. Zhang Ruodi and special guest singer Mr. Husileng were invited to join the CUHK(SZ) Student Chorus, Staff Chorus and Orchestra to give excellent performances for an outstanding concert.

Shenzhen Senior High School Symphony Orchestra

The first piece of music brought audience to a lake under the moonlight. The brisk rhythm and the soft and melancholy melody told us stories about “Swan Lake: Scene”, “A Dialogue on Flowers” and “Symphony No. 4”. Zhang Xiang, a School of Science and Engineering (SSE) year 2 student of the University, and Liu Han, a School of Management and Economics (SME) year 3 student of the University, the Shenzhen Senior High School Symphony Orchestra and famous conductor Zhang Ruodi, collaborated to present a performance embodying gratitude and inheritance. This is significant, as Mr. Zhang and Mr. Liu studied in Shenzhen Senior High School where they served as principal first and second violin respectively. Mr. Zhang said, “As a performer, I was moved because I was able to connect my high school orchestra with tour university’s Orchestra to bring a fantastic show to our audience.” The University values students’ gratitude and it organizes “Trips to Alma Mater for Gratitude” every time Christmas comes around to encourage students to visit their former high school teachers.

Husileng (Special Guest Performer) and Jolin Jiang singing together in a Duet

Mr. Husileng was a special guest from Inner Mongolia. He is a monthly champion and quarterly champion of “Xing Guang Da Dao” – China’s Walk of Fame. His solos “Swan Geese” and “Welcome to the Grassland” enjoyed thunderous applause. When he sang “Those Were the Days” together with Jolin Jiang, a School of Science and Engineering (SSE) year 1 student, the concert climaxed. Jolin Jiang once performed at the 2016 welcome dinner of the University. She mesmerized the audience with her soprano and showed no stage fright when singing with a professional, a perfect example of holistic education of the University.

Chorus Performance by students, the staff and the Orchestra of CUHK(SZ)

Finally, chorus songs Pie JesuLet It GoJust Once and A Green World presented by students and faculty brought the concert to an end.

A Photograph of All the Performers and the Staff

The gratitude themed concert moved the audience with its diverse genres of music and high level performances considering that the University has only about 2,000 students. A parent reflected that “We are moved and have all sorts of feelings. Time and time again, the University has surprised us. We wonder what will come next.”


[Pictures and Content from Communications and Public Relations Office, CUHK(SZ).]