No Boundary


Venue丨Room 101, Teaching C

Exhibition Period丨24 Aug to 2 Sep, 2018


To promote Chinese traditional culture and enhance public understanding of the art of calligraphy, the current exhibition  features a critical selection of more than 20 Chinese calligraphic works by 8 renowned academicians and scholars of JIGU Institute (集古学社): Professor Pei-Kai CHENG, Academician Yeo-Chi KING, Academician HE Jishan, Professor Ou Dawei, Academician PAN Yunhe, Academician  WANG Fansen, Academician XIE Heping and Academician XU Yangsheng. By collecting works of various calligraphy and paintings, JIGU Institute provides well-known scholars of diverse background with a platform of cultural and art communication to present the essence and values of Chinese ancient classics and to pass on the legacy.


As Chinese characters and calligraphy evolved, 5 scripts have been developed in historical timeline. They are seal script, clerical script, cursive script, semi-cursive script and traditional regular script. Despite different styles and forms of these 5 scripts, their skills and techniques are deeply connected. Unlike seal script, clerical script and traditional regular scripts which pay more emphasis on stroke skills, cursive and semi-cursive scripts embody more the free and unstrained art styles.


By employing multifarious calligraphic scripts, the eight academicians and scholars reproduce significant works by Chinese and Korean poets and litterateur, highlighting the spirit of independence in every stroke of ink.


JIGU Institute

Founded in Hong Kong in 2017, JIGU Institute as a non-governmental and non-profit organization aims to promote the art of calligraphy as well as culture, education and research.