[Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills]Review| Ven. Chang Lin:Photography and Meditation

At the 16th Lecture of the Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills Lecture Series, Ven. Chang Lin talked about the photographic creation ideology through the angle of Zen.


When taking a photo, feelings matter the most. To maximize the feelings, you have to grasp the invisible part. For Zen meditators, the focus of meditation lies in the inaccessible parts. Ven. Chang Lin intermingles the idea of Zen meditation into photography and realizes that photography is an art capturing the beauty of a fleeting second.



To learn how to unlearn—the highest level of photographic technique is to forget about the techniques. Nothing is required when pressing the shutter. The only needed technique is to press the shutter at the right time.


Besides photography, Ven. Chang Lin also shared his life attitude. He gave three suggestions to the students:

1. Do your favorite job.

2. The length of life is hard to change, but we can broaden the width of life.

3. Good things are the icing on the cake, but bad things could be the best arrangements.



There is a Buddhist saying: Quick but not hurried, quick but not rushed. Most of our worries result from over-thinking. When you detect a bad mood, stop it immediately.

Zen meditation is the daily practice of Buddhist disciples. Through meditation, it is easier to achieve this state of "no hurry and no rush ". Ven. Chang Lin led the students who were in the last week prior to their final exams to take a three-minute breath meditation during the lecture.


Thanks to Ven. Chang Lin for the lecture of photography and meditation at the 16th Lecture of the Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills Lecture Series, which enables us to cherish the value of “feeling”.


[Lecturer introduction]

Ven. Chang Lin, formerly known as Alain Yip, is a reputable professional photographer in Hong Kong who graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic (now Hong Kong Polytechnic University) studying Design. With over 50 years of experience in photography, he is a Founder and Honorary Member of the ‘Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers’. His works were widely featured in various media, exhibitions and his photography publications to share his experience with others.

In 2009, he decided to give up all his fame and fortune and went to Master Guo Ru’s temple in Taiwan to start his monastic life. Ven. Chang Lin now leads meditation retreats in a simple and easy-to-follow way, helping others incorporate meditation into their daily lives.


[Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills]

“Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills” is one of the University's lecture series where the University will invite social elites in such fields as culture and arts to share with our students in form of salon or lecture to promote a discussion of thought-provoking issues or soul-searching experiences. During the lectures, everyone will have a chance to listen and respond on their world views, their aspirations, and intellectual taste in life.