Dai Weizhong

Opening Ceremony of the "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of 18th Artist-in-Residence Dai Weizhong"

On August 23,  the opening ceremony of the "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of the 18th Artist-in-Residence Dai Weizhong" was held at TC101 Exhibition Hall at CUHK(SZ). In his opening speech, President Yangsheng Xu mentioned that a harmonious relationship between man and nature was shown in these works, where the landscape and humans are in harmony. Likewise, Mr. Weizhong Dai said that you would be immersed in the prosperity of the Tang and Song cultures, the profound origins of the Wei and Jin demeanor, and even the brilliant thoughts of pre-Qin philosophers. The works would reach the golden mean when they are integrated with the relentless exploration of creators. 

President Yangsheng Xu, Prof. Xitao Fan, Mrs. Dorothy Wong, Mr. Jiandong Xu and leaders of Shenzhen arts and culture attended the opening ceremony. President Xu delivered an opening speech to express his warm welcome to Mr. Dai and to convey his vision of cultivating the humanities and aesthetic sentiments of CUHK(SZ) students.

Mr. Dai takes the inheritance of Chinese artistic traditions and the integration of Eastern and Western art as his mission. With this consciousness in mind, he keeps on pursuing the beauty of Chinese art. As the preface of the exhibition says, passion is the best teacher, and exploration starts from inheritance.



Lecture: In-depth Learning of Traditional Chinese Painting


Mr. Dai gave a lecture on traditional Chinese painting on September 2nd. Starting from the hunting paintings of the stone age, he pointed out that humans invented pictographic symbols, which are the origins of calligraphy and paintings, before the creation of calligraphy and paintings.

From the mural paintings of the Northern Wei Dynasty to the literati paintings of the Tang Dynasty, and to the landscape paintings and bird-and-flower paintings of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, Mr. Dai summarized the development of Chinese painting from realism to freehand brushwork. He also gave a deep analysis of different painting techniques that ancient artists used to express their emotions and moods.


Artist-guided Exhibition Tour and sharing session 1.0 & 2.0


During the "Artist-guided exhibition tour and sharing session", Mr. Dai explained his personal works and introduced the poetic feelings through traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy.


Chinese Painting Workshop


On September 7th, Mr. Dai gave a workshop on the characteristics and techniques of Chinese painting. The participants were led to create their own freehand paintings.

Mr. Dai demonstrated how to hold the pen on the spot. With simple steps and a few strokes, the shape of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum appeared on the paper.

The participants dedicated themselves to the workshop. Mr. Dai carefully guided everyone to create, and constantly encouraged the participants to be bold and patient. Under the guidance of Mr. Dai, everyone had a good time learning the basics of traditional Chinese Painting.


Thank to Mr. Dai Weizhong for letting us enjoy the classic charm of traditional Chinese painting at the 18th Artist-in-Residence Programme.