[Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills] Review| Mr. Leung: Taste Business in China


About Guest: Mr. Leung, He is a columnist, and also the youngest magazine editor in China. He shows an irresistible force with low-key attitude in the practice of recreating innovation space of cultural and commerce.


In our second Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills, we invited Mr. Leung, who is acclaimed as a ‘magazine addict’, to share the aesthetic thinking and business opportunities behind the taste business. He also shared many interesting cases of exploring the opportunities for taste business in China. "The Mix-Place" is one of a typical example.



Mr.  Leung and The Mix-Place



Ms. Dorothy Wong, Director of University Planning and Coordination Office, and Administrative Services Office, presented a custom made souvenir to Mr. Leung



Mr. Leung posed with students and teachers



Many people think that taste is of no great importance, and some think that the more expensive things one has the more tasteful one shows. How can we change their way of thinking?

The memory of different generations can lead to the variety in ideas. The economic status of our fathers is very different from that of the young people today, who are more likely to share their choices with friends than to line up like their fathers’ generation at best deals and sales. This is the imprint of their times. Things are changing, so is the concept.


What do you suggest for the site selection of the present taste business?

As for the site selection, I think it's great to get people in a block or city together for something about culture as citizens discussing culture rather than buying stocks and real estate is what makes a city fairly attractive.




“Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills”, is one of the University's lecture series where the University will invite social elites to share with our students in form of salon or lecture to promote a discussion of thought-provoking issues or soul-touching experiences. During these events, everyone will have a chance to listen and respond on their world views, their aspirations, and intellectual taste in life.