[Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills] Review | Hu Shenyuan : Dance Is A Way of Observing

The 22nd Lecture of the "Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills" Lecture Series

The 22nd Lecture of the "Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills" Lecture Series was held simultaneously on-site and  "in the cloud". We were fortunate to invite Shenyuan Hu, who devoted himself to modern dance, to share with us his experience and feelings.





Review of the Lecture



Dance Is A Way of Observing


Just like hide-and-seek, the world of modern dance is filled with the unknown and challenges. Also, modern dance represents rebellious spirit. It is a rebel against stereotypes and even itself. Freedom, reflection, innovation, and endless imagination are the unique charm of modern dance. Because of free expression, Mr. Hu can always be loyal to his body and inner self on the stage, creating and performing in the most authentic state.













Selection of Questions and Answers

Do you think that dance is a philosophy?

I think so. There are two kinds of dance performances: one is choreographed while the other is improvised. Improvisation is not simply referring to dancing whatever performers like, but it is the reflection of the current awareness of the dancer based on years of accumulation and questioning, which is just like a talk show.

Is the form of theatrical performance purer than that of TV programmes?

They both have advantages and disadvantages. TV shows provide more access to arts, as well as more details and angles of the performance while the theater provides the audience with a better experience because it is more infectious. They are compatible and can complement each other.

How do you deal with the gap between your dream and reality?

If I can make a living by chasing my dream, I'll keep doing it. If not, I'll compromise until I get enough strength to chase my dream.

What are the similarities between dance and other forms of arts, for example, music?

Lyrics can give people an intuitive feeling. Modern dance is a rebel against this figurative way of expression and utilizes an abstract expression to spark people’s reflection. Dance is like a melody that creates an atmosphere and provides you with a space of imagination. The beauty of arts lies in the “blank space” it leaves, in which we can fill with our imagination at will. Modern dance subverts the cognitive methods we are used to, so an open mind is required when we are appreciating modern dance.

What does dance mean to ordinary people?

There is a two-way choice between artworks and the audience. A piece of art may not be suitable for everyone. The audience can choose whether to like it or not, but this will not affect the significance and value of that piece of art, and it can still bring beauty and relief to the audience who favor it.



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Hu Shenyuan, a young dance artist. Founder of HU-HU DANCE brand, artistic director of Hu Shenyuan Studio. Graduated from Minzu University of China and once worked in Beijing Leidong Tianxia Modern Dance Company. Received the Best Performance Award of the 4th Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition; the Silver Award of the 16th Rome International Choreography Competition of Italy; the Jury Chairman's Award of the 15th Seoul International Dance Competition. Modern Dance Young Men Group; His work, Id, ego, and super-ego, was selected into the exhibition unit of the 4th China Youth Dance Talent Cultivation Program; Participated in the fifth session of the Chinese Dance Association Youth Dance Talent Cultivation Plan as a commissioned choreographer and created the work, The Moonlight Rainbow. Champion of the first season of Hunan Satellite TV's program, " Dance Smash ". In 2017, he became the first young artist supported by Yang Liping Art Foundation. With the full support of Yang Liping, he created a personal work, NOMADIC, which premiered at the Shanghai International Dance Center. In the same year, he was invited to perform it in the "New Season" of Beijing Dance Academy. In 2018, he was invited by the Beijing Dance Academy again to participate in the first Modern and Contemporary Chinese Dance Creation Forum. NOMADIC won the Outstanding Work Award of the "Go Globally" project of the 19th Shanghai International Art Festival in 2017.


Personal choreography:

Full-length works: NomadicThe Moonlight Rainbow and so on.

Short and medium-length works: So CloseCongId, Ego, and Super-egoThe Flower of FreedomChildhoodCreating the TopWell, Listen to YouNot EasyAmbush on All Sides·Yuji's DressingLaw of the JungleRecounter and so on.


Co-edited works:

Hu Shenyuan (China) Aakash (UK) SAMSARA·The Path of No Path


Collaborative artists and works:

Yang Liping Ambush on All Sides, Wang Yabin/Sidi Larbi Growth, Xie Xin One Stroke to the Left and Another to the RightUnknownPuzzlingFace and Opposite, Yin Fang NegativeDou Gong,Sang Jijia ResetPredetermined Darkness, Li Hanzhong/Ma Bo Man Jiang HongFirst SacrificeTa Sha XingCold ArrowElegyTang Tingting Clues, Wang Yuanqing White Night, etc.


Hu Shenyuan is committed to the development and exploration of modern dance, absorbing and incorporating tradition and modernity from ballet, folk dance, classical dance, opera, drama, Tai Chi, street dance, portraying, painting and other dance types and art categories. He continues to reform his body, forming a unique body symbol. In the dual identities of choreographer and dancer, he gradually showed his talents in the field of dance art.


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