[Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills] Review | Shi Yijie: Come From Voice and Music


The 23rd Lecture of the "Meeting Intellectual in the Spring Hills" Lecture Series: I Come From Voice and Music -- Listening to the Dream-seeking Stories of Famous Tenor Shi Yijie






The 23rd Lecture of the "Meeting Intellectual in the Spring Hills" was held. The famous tenor, Professor Shi Yijie, shared his music and life with us. Dr. Dang Heping from HSS was specially invited to be the host of the lecture.



Review of Lecture


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Selection of Questions and Answers


Question 1

Q: Professor Shi, you had an amazing cooperation with Gong Linna and Wang Peiyu in the "Singer" programme. What is your feeling about this crossover cooperation?

A: That collaboration really impressed me. When different singers and different musical forms collide, there is a wonderful chemical reaction. I am looking forward to the next opportunity when we can combine different pursuits and ideas about music into one song.


Question 2

Q: At present, there are a variety of music reality shows and programmes promoting de-massified music forms in the market. The national demand for spiritual culture is also constantly diversified. What opportunities can you seize as a bel canto and cultural worker? In this environment, what are the challenges?

A: These programmes are very meaningful because they enable the public to know the existence of our industry. This is extremely helpful for the continued development of art forms such as opera. For me, it is more of a strong sense of responsibility, because these programmes will arouse people's curiosity about opera and other musical forms, and attract people to watch them. But how to retain audience is what I wanted to do. Therefore, in every performance, I try my best to show the best to audience.


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SHI Yijie

A tenor residing in Europe, SHI Yijie is now a Professor of the College of Music, Hunan Normal University, a Distinguished Professor in the China Conservatory of Music, and CUHK-Shenzhen's Distinguished Artist (Specialist Advisor). He has won four gold medals consecutively in International Vocal Competitions in the year 2007. He is the first Chinese singing artist who performed in the Rossini Opera Festival in Italy, and has acted the leading role for five years consecutively. He has become one of the leading lyric tenors on the world opera stage today, and he is dedicated to performing works by Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini. 

SHI Yijie has already had tremendous success in performing at internationally renowned venues and festivals such as Teatro La Fenice, Teatro di San Carlo, Villa la Vedetta, Teatro Real de Madrid, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Wiener Staatsoper, The Edinburgh International Festival, Metropolitan Opera House, Большо́й теа́тр, Suntory Hall, Hong Kong Arts Festival, National Centre for the Performing Arts of China, etc. He has performed in 40 operas for more than 500 times.





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