Susan Reijnders



Artist Profile:


Susan Reijinders is a Dutch artist. Born in 1968, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts and Design in Hertogenbosch. She also studied the basics of traditional Chinese ink painting under Zhou Jun, a painter who travelled from Shanghai to Europe. Since 2011, she has held solo exhibitions in China, Belgium, Holland and France.

Based on her European educational background, Susan has produced widely praised ink paintings from her unique Western perspective. Her inspirations are from nature and life. Mangrove trees at the Shenzhen Mangrove Reserve is one of her subjects. Through this programme, Susan hopes to invoke the awesome feelings in us for nature and contribute to the preservation of these precious plants.


Lecture by Susan Reijnders; an introduction to her ink-paintings

Time: Wednesday, November 16, 19:00-20:00

Venue: Artist-in-Residence Studio, 4th Floor, Library


Appreciate Mangrove Trees from an Artistic Perspective

Time: November 17

Venue: Shenzhen Mangrove Reserve

Number of People: 10



Chat with Artist

Time: November 18, 23, 24

          10:00-12:00 ,  15:00-17:00

Venue: Artist-in-Residence Studio, 4th Floor, Library



Time: November 21-28

Venue: 1st Floor, Zhixin Building


Creating Ink Paintings Featuring Mangroves

Time: Thursday, November 24, 19:00-21:00

Venue: Artist-in-Residence Studio, 4th Floor, Library