Exhibition | Spring dawn, awakened--Online exhibition of students' works



This exhibition was launched on the exclusive page for TC101SPACE in LOFTER on February 27!

Exhibitors from the Dilun Poetry Club 



Cao zhe, Ji Chen, KShulin, KZai, LJiwei, LWenrui, Liu Bai, Liu Siyu, Lobster Elder, Clarence FengSpittoon LinTujue, Wang Qingxuan, Xie Rongru



Exhibitors from the Photography Interest Club 


Aldo Allexiuse, Brian Vergara, Ronald.D, Vgrey, Vincentius Janssen, Chen YuhengFan Yuxuan, Feng Yuhao, Hu HaoGanganGuo Shiyu, Guo Wentao, Guo Yiyang, Hu Yiqing, Jiao Yang, Jin Chuyi, Jin Haifeng, Li Yihao, Liang Xueru, Liu Anjie, Liu Yezhou, Lu Chaoyi, Luo XiaomingLuo Xu, Luo Yiling, Ma Tiantai, Niu Kouer, Qian Jiayue, Pang Yan, Qi Suqian; Song Xinyi, Wang Shaohan, Wu Zhehao, Yan XiaoChen, Yang Zihao, Zhang Junyi, Zhang Qixin, Zhang Xinying, Zhang Xuan, Zhang Zhuoyang, Zheng Taishuo, Zhu JingzeZhuoran



About the Exhibition


“Spring Dawn, Awakened” online exhibition is organized by the University Arts Centre, curated by TC101 SPACE, and the original works of the students from the Dilun Poetry Club and the Photography Interest Club will be exhibited. All the exhibits are created based on the accumulation and consideration of daily moments by students, including the capture of people, scenery, objects and many aspects of life observations, and their own poems derived from the scenes captured in camera will also be displayed. There are 229 photographs and 72 modern poems in total.


Affected by the epidemic situation, we decide to curate this exhibition online and meet with everyone as scheduled. Time goes on and the path of arts will never end. Even if we cannot encounter in TC101 SPACE for the time being, the beauty of spring scenery can be seen and appreciated on the screen.


The title of the exhibition “Spring Dawn, Awakened” seems to take on a new meaning——When it’s unknowingly dawning, the sun is still warm as usual, reflecting the gentle waves of water.





Spring Dawn, Awakened


Author: Clarence Feng | Year 3 Student of SME & Muse College


People tend to see the world when they wake up as real and look forward to dawn. However, it's easy to ignore that early rising comes at a price. The back of the sun may be another sun, or it may be a cluster full of trivialities.


Real life is always trivial: you get up from bed, remembering that there’s only 1/3 toothpaste and 350ml milk left, and the cereal is all finished up. In about 30 minutes, you will end up in the convenience store, getting the low-sugar soy milk and waiting in line to check out. The only variable is whether to choose a sandwich or sticky rice chicken, depending on which one is sold out first. In general, you will walk into the early morning classroom at 8:30, even though you want something to change.


Is this the real life? Or just a dreamland? Sometimes we even wonder in what sense "I" live in the real world. Maybe in fantasy we have never been awakened. Therefore, reality cannot be simply defined as consciousness. In reality, various sensory fragments are submitted to human consciousness in order to form objects of recognition. In fantasy, these fragments are reproduced by memories. It seems that we have to admit that illusion and reality are of the same origin.


Poetry or photography, is always seen as having the power to create different visual worlds. Photography was once regarded as a soul-stirring "witchcraft" whereas poetry was a "spell" that summoned the world. The world is presented in various ways, ultimately connected with people in the form of images and languages. Legends tell us that in poetry and photography, we will see extraordinary things that are invisible to the naked eye. In other words, in this artistic world, illusion is more real than reality. That is, we can create a more real world in photography and poetry.


So, spring dawn, awakened.




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