The Sparkle Night

When the music died down and everything became quiet again, let us go back to Jan 28, before 15:40, to feel one more time of this music festival.

Rovetop、Saifa in the Darkness、Hepta + Underflow、Free Duke、New Air、Straight Fire Gang、No Bull、My Skin Against Your Skin、Project Ace……The different rock experience that the student and the invited bands had brought to the audience can be understood by all which does not need many words to describe. The emotion that was created by the power of music appealed to everyone who came here for music.


 Likes from a fan

 Such thin clothings! They have travelled a long way to come here! However the special light of No Bull shined so brightly. The spirit of fire ignited the sparkle night!

 Though suffering from a whole morning tiredness, New Air presented their truest music with the most passion, making us feel the heat of music in the windy coldness. 


Likes from the student agent  

Four magnificent performances. The crowd was crazed by the leading of the DJ. Where the beats touched, the caged beasts were freed. Everything was broken through by the electronic musical feast. The party never ends. Keep going. We are fearless. 

——Ziming Huang 

When the crowd was still small, they walked up the stage and ignited the first fire of the Night of Rock.



Reflections in the WeChat Moments

By the drums, the meaning of live scene to rock constantly came to my mind. Wish everyone can for always enjoy music in life, life and life!




GAN Hanlei


ZENG Yuchen