[Artist-in-Residence]Tony Xing

Artist Profile:

Tony Xing, descendant of a famous calligrapher Dong Xing of the Qing Dynasty, was born in 1962. He is a painter residing in the United States and is good at oil painting, traditional Chinese figure painting, freehand bird-and-flower painting and frescoes. He is the founder of the Brilliant School of Painting, representative of global luxury arts, Dunhuang image ambassador, and an art educator.


Mr. Xing is a unique figure in the international painting world. He has high attainment in painting and is famous for painting on site. He has never erred when painting on site and is applauded as “The best On-site Painter”.


Tony Xing established the Brilliant School of Painting in Minnesota, USA in 2008. It has now become a mainstream school of painting in the international art market and has been associated with top luxury brands around the world. At auctions, buyers frequently offer high prices to purchase his paintings. As a world famous artist, Mr. Xing also dedicates himself to education. He is also known as an “Art Educator” for his consistent efforts and significant donations to the education sectors.