[Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills] Review| WANG Peiyu:"Youth" and "Peking Opera Charisma" Meet by Chance


On Oct 21, Ms. WANG Peiyu chose CUHK-Shenzhen as the first stop of her lecture tour, giving us a speech here in our "Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills" Lecture Series. Students were obviously mesmerized by her charisma, and at a sound of a word, Peking Opera started to freely infuse into this young crowd.


Let us review on several scenes of the lecture, which will bring you closer to Peking Opera that used to be so far away. 


Scene One: save the seat 

– Young people's Peking Opera idol


5:00 p.m. October 21


The lecture with 2 hours to goall seats were already taken up in the front rows.



Scene Two: from appearance 

– A Peking Opera artist near to young pelple



7:00 p.m., she arrived as promised.


White shirt, blue jeans, rimless glasses, cool extremely short hair - a completely different appearance from those traditional Peking Opera actresses.


Scene Three: you are who I want 

– A promoter developing young audience of Peking Opera


7:20 p.m., 95% of the young audience raised their hands to indicate that they have never been to a Peking Opera theatre. This 95% in the audience is exactly the reason why WANG Peiyu came out for years to promote Peking Opera.


Scene Four: why you never watch Peking Opera?


According to the audience reaction during the lecture, the reasons why they never watch Peking Opera are: it is hardly understandable; the rhythms are too slow; regional differences; only liked by old people and the lack of opportunity for young people to enjoy, etc.


Scene Five: the history of Peking Opera

–Peking Opera actors were like today’s pop idols.



If Huangmei Opera, Yu Opera and Pingshu are considered as the like of Korean and Japanese TV drama series, then Peking Opera is equal to the one of the US. The equation is easy to understand but hard to explain.


Peking Opera became the national opera about 220 years ago. At that time, Peking Opera actors were like today’s pop idols. The good entertainment and reflection of local culture resulted in its prevalence.



Even if it is just a single word or a simple action, the young audience was deeply affected by the spirit of Peking Opera that WANG expressed through her emotion and gestures. They were amazed by WANG Peiyu, and by Peking Opera - its spirit combining tradition and vitality. It was indeed a meeting with Peking Opera, by chance. 


Lecturer Introduction



Ms. WANG Peiyu, a prominent female Peking opera artist, is the fourth generation of Yu School Laosheng (old characters) founded by Legend YU Shuyan. She is billed as "Boss Yu" both in and out of the Peking opera world. She contributes to solid popularization of the centuries-old opera, carrying on the tradition while also trying to break new ground. Her fine features, delicate skills, classic and impressive styles are the perfect models as a Peking opera master, which won her the "Best Performance" Award in the National Television Contest of Young Peking Opera Performers and the Plum Performance Award, etc.


"Chun Shan Ya Ju"  or "Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills", is one of the University's lecture series where the University will invite social elites to share with our students in form of salon or lecture to promote a discussion of thought-provoking issues or soul-touching experiences. During these events, everyone will have a chance to listen and respond on their world views, their aspirations, and intellectual taste in life.