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Review | No.3-No.7



The 3rd Lecture of "Arts in the Cloud"

Ricci Wong: Creative Enterprises Sprung Up in Typhoon Felled Trees


Timber can become the memory of a generation


Collect unperceived things and turn trash into treasure. The trees felled in the typhoon are of great value to artists. Hong Kong Timberbank - the wonderful creativity by Ricci Wong.


"Timberbank" is taken from the word "Bank". It means that there are different kinds of trees in the storage of woods, just like there are currencies of different countries in the bank. "Hong Kong" refers to the possibility of digging up local tree species in Hong Kong and preserving the species of wood rather than all using imported wood.


In the live streaming lecture, Ricci Wong also showed us around his valuable treasures, where large amount of raw timber was stored. They will become artworks in the future.


△ The meaning of the logo design is "Men are in the woods", which is also the idea that Ricci Wong wants to convey - to connect the human society with nature.



The 4th lecture of "Arts in the Cloud"

Wang Su: Beautiful Misunderstandings -- Interpreting the Application of "Misunderstandings" in Drama.


A total misunderstanding is where the beauty lies


In this lecture, we knew about the application of "misunderstandings" by Ms. Wang Su, a young screenwriter. Behind conflicts and resentment as well as ups and downs are the perfect misunderstandings carefully designed by screenwriters to strengthen the plot. 


Misunderstanding is the way to develop and promote the conflicts in drama, representing a kind of illusion and dislocation.


Ms. Wang Su directly introduced the methodology of using "misunderstandings" from a screenwriter's perspective, introducing famous dramas such as Othello, Twelfth Night, There Were None, Butterfly Lovers and Field, and enabling us to appreciate superb techniques.


Misunderstandings run through A Wrong Kite. Multiple identities of the four main characters are misplaced, and the kite is also a key prop.


"If you want to make the misunderstandings more real, do not make up or break away from the reality. Do not go away from the characters because each character owns his unique personality. Do not spill the beans too early as a total misunderstanding is where the beauty lies."





The 5th lecture of "Arts in the Cloud"

Wu Man: Start from Scratch


Explore the unknown

Love and persistence are everything


In 1990, Ms. Wu Man went to the United States all alone and strived for success. During these years, she has enabled Pipa music that was unknown overseas to be appreciated by everyone today. Her music and life seem to be an adventure and her courage to "start from scratch" springs from her love for music and the determination to keep going.


In this lecture, Ms. Wu Man talked about the meanings of "start from scratch" in her life: how she started to play the Pipa in primary school and became a professional musician after graduating fron university, how she decided to study abroad after listening to Stern's lecture, how hard she  worked when she first arrived abroad, and how eventually she succeeded in  promoted Chinese music overseas...


It is starting from scratch again and again that contributes to Ms. Wu Man's progress and success. 


She specifically mentioned two questions raised by a violinist Isaac Stern: Can you feel the audience in the last row when you are playing and why have you become a musician? These two questions enabled her to realize the importance of the relationship between the performer and the audience. Only by understanding the audience's original feelings can performers know what they need.


"At the end, Ms. Wu Man hoped each of us can be a gentle, powerful, humble person and exuding positive energy."





The 6th lecture of "Arts in the Cloud"

Zhang Xiaopeng: Why the Stars Shine -- Appreciation of Classical Artworks


Various aspects of life behind art masterpieces



In this lecture, we listened to the stories behind great artists. Ms. Zhang Xiaopeng talked about the jolting tales of various artists with their classical works.


When analyzing Rembrandt's painting features, we can figure out that the Chiaroscuro used in the self-portrait intensifies the contrast between the black and white, presenting a clear subject. When scrutinizing parts of Rembrandt's portrait, we may feel the distinctive texture. The brushstroke reflecting a sensation of vicissitudes is very precious to art. In other words, vitality is essential to painting and these strokes add to it.


 Rembrandt's self-portrait (chiaroscuro)


△Enlarged part of the portrait (texture)

Through these real stories, we see that art enables the littleness to be the greatness and gives strength to tiny life. Only sincerity can touch the world, stay and become eternity.


"Let's embrace the classics because they are the embodiment of wisdom which comes from not merely the hearts but also the minds."





The 7th lecture of "Arts in the Cloud"

Sun Dongxu: Creation Is the Process of Understanding Life


Only the touching works can catch the audience's hearts


To create artworks, people not only need to have the technique, but also need to continuously explore their own hearts. Ms. Sun Dongxu shared with us her experience of how to bravely change herself, pursue love, freely create and be positive on the way of doing handmade art.


When studying at university, Ms. Sun Dongxu observed the world through news, read Schopenhauer's understanding of pessimistic life, and learned to live a better life. Her creation is influenced by the living environment, and she puts her emotions into her creation. She understands that the world she sees through her eyes actually presents her own mentality.



The girls she created wearing gas masks, 

which implies the fight against the rules of the world.


In order to break through the creative bottleneck, she kept learning new skills and decided to go for trips. Getting out of the city and being in close contact with nature gave her many unique inspiration and ideas. In the creation of puppets, Ms. Sun has been used to thinking in advance and acting afterwards, sticking to handmade creation for 11 years. She believes that a piece of excellent work can unveil its emotion without being colored. 


Ms. Sun holds that there's no universal standard of aesthetics, but there are still high standards to be met. Refined aesthetics may not be welcomed at present, and something popular nowadays may be vulgar. Therefore, a creator himself should be a supervisor who develops high standards and be responsible for his own creation.

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