Arts in the Cloud|Review

Arts in the Cloud

Review | No.8-No.12






The 8th lecture of  "Arts in the Cloud" 

Professor Lu Jiande: Changing Themes in European Paintings



 European paintings is an important element of human culture


During the Renaissance period in Italy,  paintings showed the richness of the combination of art and religion. For example, various frescoes in European churches presented strong religious meanings. 



△ St Peter Cathedral


Many great artists in this period paid attention to the tradition of Christianity, and on the other hand, they explored the significance of the artistic concepts before the birth of Christianity. Taking Leonardo da Vinci as an example, his creation was concerned with the image of ordinary people and he focused on the proportion of light and the actual situation of the characters. 



△  The painting, the Mona Lisa, shows Leonardo's concern for ordinary people


 Art books recommend


Prof. Lu Jiande recommended to us MY NAME IS RED written by Ferit Orhan Pamuk, a Turkish writer. After reading the book, he thought: “there will be conflicts between different painting traditions, but making efforts to learn from other cultures and artistic traditions should be encouraged.”








The 9th lecture of "Arts in the Cloud" 

Icy Tan: Painting and Free Life



Keep the curiosity and passion for life


Icy Tan enjoys living in a diverse cultural environment and is used to observing various lifestyles of people around her, from which she gets inspiration and fun. Whether she meets friends or strangers, she will record their natural movements at a certain moment as well as their state of immersion.



△ People Watching 


 Color records the mood


This is an emotion once recorded by Icy Tan. There are no theories and rules in color matching and she usually follows the intuition to draw the feelings in her heart.





The 10th lecture of "Arts in the Cloud" 

Xie Yingbin: Into the Door of Vocal Music



Music itself is a language


In this lecture, Xie Yingbin showed us the charm of Bel Canto through music videos appreciation and combined with her own rich professional experience to answer the students' various questions about vocal music.


 Short videos of music creativity during the epidemic



The creative music videos about the epidemic in different countries showed that expressing emotions in singing is the instinct of human beings. Singing has various forms and is also combined with various languages and musical styles. 


Some advice for singing lovers


Music is connected with positioning. We need to form a correct singing aesthetic based on our own voice conditions, which may affect how we choose music teachers, the works we perform, performance costumes and so on. 






The 11th lecture of "Arts in the Cloud" 

Professor Zheng Baizhong: Appreciation of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy




Appreciation of Chinese painting is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also spiritual sublimation and enjoyment.


Chinese painting is mainly classified into figure painting, landscape painting and flower-and-bird painting. Figure painting emphasizes human relations and enables people to understand social ethics and norms. Landscape painting embodies the unique feelings for pastoral land of Chinese people. Flower-and-bird painting, known as the legend of flower and bird, focuses on various details of life.


Appreciation of famous paintings


△ The Painting of Five Oxen by Han Huang



△ Night Revels of Han Xizaipartby Gu Hongzhong


Professor Zheng Baizhong's works



△ New Chapter of the Maritime Silk Road



△ Kanas Lake



△ Green all over Wulingyuan






The 12th lecture of "Arts in the Cloud" 

Deng Chunru+Wang Ting: Roaming in New Who -- There Is Art and Something Else



Mr. Deng Chunru



Ms. Wang Ting


Arts allow people to see a new world 

of possibilities of life and future


This lecture was held in the form of roaming. Mr. Deng Chunru and Ms. Wang Ting took us to have an online tour of New Who Art Village, guided us to visit many studios of art "villagers" and showed us their lifestyles and creative environments. 


Art design everywhere


Many artists live and work in New Who Art Village. Their creations can be seen everywhere on the street, including paintings on the wall, sculptures around the corner, mysterious things in the lake. Everything looks different but coexists in harmony.



△Some works on the wall



△ There is a small space which is filled with a large bubble, with transparent bubbles raised on the surface.


New Who Art Village gallery


More than 150 doorplates that have been abandoned by households in the village are exhibited in New Who Art Museum and each house number is accompanied by small gifts from the corresponding residents.All of them are limited edition and have their own uniqueness. 


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