Bai Xiaoci

Artist-in-Residence: Xiaoci Bai (During Winter Camp)

Artist-in-Residence: Xiaoci Bai (During Winter Camp)



Brief Introduction of the Exhibition

Augmented Reality (AR), is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. We aim to demystify the geographic information of Zheng He’ s voyage via AR technology, “Thousands of reef rock and lights on fishing boats hugged by the sea, luxuriantly green mountains embraced by royal banners all round the coast.” This exhibition allows you to experience Zheng He’s voyage in a first-person perspective, and a taste of the relationship between human, nature and history. Before the age of Internet, the sea-routes connect the globe. For centuries, those sea-routes from Lisbon, Bordeaux, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Quanzhou and Guangzhou were linked up the world together. Grand vessels were chasing waves, like whales flew over between the blue ocean and the sky.



Mr. Xiaoci Bai Briefly Introducing the Exhibition




Artist-in-Residence: Xiaoci Bai


Artist Profile:

Bai Xiaoci (Shen Xiaoming), photographer and blogger. Bai was born in 1974 in Shaoxing,  Zhejiang. He now works and lives in Shenzhen. Mr. Bai began to work as a professional photographer since 2004 and he focuses particularly on cities in China and its urbanization. His photographic works were shown in contemporary art exhibitions held in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei, Milton Keynes…


He is devoted to the following long term photography projects: "I LIVE HERE" , " Government Building in China "," HOW TO MOVE "… They contain extensive series of photographic images, or typologies, of Chinese urbanization. His photographic blog, "", the only Chinese blog, was selected for the Best Multi-media weblogs launched by Deutsche Welle for "2005 International Weblog".



       1. Lecture: How to Approach the History of Photography

           Date: April 14th (Friday) 
           Time: 16:10 - 17:15

           Venue: Room 315, Zhi Ren Building

        2. Outdoor Workshop

           Date: April 17th (Monday)

           Time: 14:00 - 17:30

        3. Photography Salon

           Date: April 20th (Thursday)

           Time: 19: 00 - 20: 00

           Venue: CIDE, 3/F Le Tian Building

           Theme: Story of photos

        4. Exhibition

           Opening Ceremony:  April 26th (Wednesday)

           Time: 12:00 - 12:30

           Curator: Bai Xiaoci

           Venue: The foyer outside R109-111, Zhi Xin Building

            Contents: Photos from the outdoor workshop and Bai Xiaoci's works.

Event in Retrospect:


We are honored to have outstanding photographer Mr. Xiaoci Bai as our 8th artist for the Artist-in-Residence Program. Over the past two weeks, various activities were organized, including photography history lecture,outdoor workshop , photography salon. Mr. Xiaoci Bai also held an exhibition for our students. All these activities created precious memories for us.


He said

1.  How to Approch the History of Photography (April 14th)

Mr.Bai shared his perspectives on how to approach the history of photopraphy. Students listened carefully, some of whom also took notes.



2. Photography Salon (April 20th)

Mr.Bai shares the stories behind his photos with students.



He Did

3. Outdoor Workshop

Mr.Bai took students on a trip to Longtian Shiju (an old village in Shenzhen) . Students honed their photo-taking skills during this themed event which falls within one of Mr.Bai's research foucs direction--urbanization.



4. Opening Ceremony of the Exhibition (April 26th)

The opening of "My first photography exhibition" was held successfully. Part of students' selected works during outdoor shooting were shared on exhibithion. The colorful pingpong balls can also be used as decoration on your clothes.




He listened

5. Communicating at the Artist-in-Residence Studio (April.14th - April.28th)

Mr.Bai communicates with the students who are interested in Photography.






We said









In 2016, the University initiated the Artist-in-Residence Program to create an artistic atmosphere on campus and to elevate student's aesthetic taste. We regularly invite top artists from various fields to reside on campus, create artworks and hold workshops with students.


The program may last 5-10 days or 1-2 months. Artists will work with or guide students to create or appreciate artworks through workshop or lectures. Artists will also take into account resources available off campus to contribute towards our development.


Part of pictures from students of The Chinese University of Hong KongShenzhen

Photography: Weiqi Wen, SSE Year 2 Student

Contents: Xueqing Ding, SME Year 1 Student