Zhang Lu



Artist Profile:

Zhang Lu, a young soprano educated in Europe, has created, choreographed and played a leading role in a series of concerts entitled Violin and Sound after returning to China.

Ms Zhang holds a MA degree in Vocal Music and a PhD degree in Music Studies from The Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music., She has studied with many world -renowned artists, professors, directors and singers.

Her performances have moved audience and she was once acclaimed by one music magazine in Europe has as having a “Silky Voice”.

Invited by Ukrainian State TV, Ms Zhang has appeared in Madam ButterflyLa TraviataTurandot, and Phantom of the Opera in collaboration with various Ukrainian national key symphony orchestras and traditional music groups.

As a special artist invited by the Chinese Embassy, she has been active in charity shows and official events. Ms Zhang designed and directed the Chinese Dream New Year Concert featuring oriental classics. She has also worked with the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater to play a leading role in Chinese Classic Operas, performing in Red River Valley and Xishi.

As a nominee, Ms Zhang has attended the Bellini International Vocal Competition and has won accolades at the Lognigo International Vocal Competition and the European Chamber Music Competition. Ms Zhang has performed many music festivals including the European Vocal and Chorus Festival, the 0-FEST International Music Festival, the Forest (International) Music Festival, and the LVIV Folk Music Festival.



Event in Retrospect:

We are honored to have Dr. Zhang Lu, an outstanding young soprano, as the 7th Artist-in-Residence. Over the past two weeks, various activities were organized including Art Salon and workshops on vocal music, which created precious memories for us.


1. Welcome party (March 20th)

Dr. Zhang communicated with participants and received a certificate from President. Xu and Ms. Dorothy Wong.



2. Art Salon (March 20th)

Dr. Zhang demonstrated the charms of classic operas and modern musicals with her beautiful performance.



3. Vocal Workshops (March 22th)

Experiences and skills were shared while students interacted with Dr. Zhang and recieved hands-on instructions.




4. Outdoor Singing Performance (March 31th)

On the last day of her visit, Dr. Zhang and students organized and perfromed an outdoor singing performance.


To be continued……





In 2016, the University initiated the Artist-in-Residence Program to create an artistic atmosphere on campus and to elevate student's aesthetic taste. We regularly invite top artists from various fields to reside on campus, create artworks and hold workshops with students.

The program may last 5-10 days or 1-2 months. Artists will work with or guide students to create or appreciate artworks through workshop or lectures. Artists will also take into account resources available off campus to contribute towards our development.