Activity Review | Fragrance: 2020 Original Music Programme Ⅱ




In the second Campus Original Music Project - Fragrance in 2020, we invited an electronic music duo consisting of electronic music producer Galaxy Knight and saxophone player M20. Galaxy Knight and M20 shared with us the story of their continuous advancement on the way of making music and also brought us a romantic, dreamy and cozy Livehouse performance.   







Work Sharing


Galaxy Knight and M20 shared their most satisfying works in the performance. Early vinyl disc buddies, similar musical aesthetics, and the perfect fusion of saxophone and electronics enabled them to form a new combination of the current duo, Galaxy Knight&M20.

Click and enjoy the music Fragrance (Original Mix)






About Musicians

Galaxy Knight and M20 also introduced the invisible details of the labels, records, performances and profit methods behind music, enabling students to understand musicians and the original music industry from another perspective.

















Introduction of

Galaxy Knight & M20




Galaxy Knight



The Founder of 「Passion Fruit Records」,One of the Founders of Lable 「Neon Future Association+」. Being a domestic electronic music producer, he is expert in presenting styles such as Deep House and New French House. His music has ranked in NetEase Cloud Music Official list 111 times and has been put on the homepage banner of music apps like NetEase and Xiami. His videos have reached over 100 million views. He has given hundreds of offline performances and used to be the on-site guest of the performances of Yung Bae, Flamingosis and other international artists. He has cooperated with French electronic music star Petit Biscuit, domestic electronic music artist Ma Haiping MHP, R&B supernova Dizkar, etc.

Earlier in 2020, Galaxy Knight participated in the remix version production of MHP's new EP The World Will Stop Tonight! This time, a new Fragrancewill be performed at CUHK-SZ!




The real name of M20 is Mao Hongyuan and he is an independent music artist. Graduated from the jazz saxophone major in Shanghai Conservatory of Music, he has performed together with legendary jazz musicians Eddie Gomaz, Dave Liebman, Vincent Herring, Stefan · Karlsson, and has gained acknowledgement. He participated in the national tour and academic exchange organized by Shanghai Conservatory of Music. 


In 2015, he formed a band, named "The Airborne Troops". It played the JZ Festival and was active in JZ Club, Wooden Box, Chair Club, and other jazz bars and performances. In 2017, he began in-depth cooperation with Ma Haiping (MHP), including "Folding Trace" touring, music works "Lost Country" and "this city is alcohol". In 2018, he and Ma Haiping participated in "Instant Electronic Music", an electronic music producer competition, and won the top 26 seats. The performance with three instructors, Zhang Wei, Zhang Yixing, and Shang Wenjie, was well praised. In 2019, he released his first single "Compromise" in the jazz compilation "Treasure" released by Saw Music.





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